When the Rubber Hits the Road

Donella February 08, 2015 0

I like idioms! This week I think we have truly arrived at the place where plans for the opening of Makarios Community School have taken a serious turn.


Tuesday night, February 3rd, we had our first information meeting. In a nutshell, we have enough interest to open the school this year. The search for a location has intensified. Several options have been considered and rejected. At the moment, we are focusing our efforts on finding a location that will be our very own, where we can move in with ALL our resources and have enough room to spread out projects and activities. We are also looking for green space and playscapes. Tall order? Maybe, but just the right space is out there, ready and waiting for Makarios Community School.

On another note, I am literally hitting the road this week on my way to sunny southern California. I'll be visiting with The Open School and Altadena Free School, both scheduled to open this September. I am looking forward to hearing stories of their incredible journeys to democratic free learning.

While I'm gone you'll be "hearing" from a couple of our family and staff leadership team members on the Makarios Community School blog. So, till we meet again....Happy Trails to You (& Me)!


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